Humans have learned to survive in almost all habitats and climates on earth. As our population continues to grow, our need to exploit more of the planet's natural resources has grown with it. The effects are becoming more evident everyday in our habitats and ecosystems, which are under great threat. As some of the rarest and most endangered species are nearing total extinction, it is time to choose to save them. For the first time, scientists and conservationists alike are posing the question: 'Is it too late?'

"I have a huge passion for animals and use photography to express it" I have always believed that if I can capture something special or unique in my imagery, regardless of whether in footage or photography, I can use it to influence people about the important issues such as animal conservation or global warming. I am particularly interested in the conservation of the cheetah and Africa’s ‘Big Five’, which includes lions, leopards, rhino, elephants and buffalo.

My approach to photography involves submerging myself within the environments I am in. I look for areas of natural habitat that are not only challenging to photograph but also challenging to access. I think the most wild areas of the world offer the most in terms of photographic opportunities. Regardless of whether I am hiking through the wild forests of North America, or looking down my camera lens at wild bobcats. I am amazed by some of the things I have seen, and treasure momories of the magnificent places/situations my passions have taken me to.

In photography there is an air of utter dependence on you. Of course you have to frame your picture artistically, but if you take the photo either a fraction of a second too late or too soon, you will miss the shot. At the same time, whilst a photograph captures an expression, action, or emotion, and although it has its own connotations, filming allows you to capture a moment in time, and then to relive that moment over and over again.

I adore all animals, but cheetahs especially captivate me. Apart from being the fastest animal on the planet, they remain different compared to other big cats they are commonly associated with.

I have photographed and filmed animals/landscapes for longer than I can remember. This experience has gifted me with a priceless background knowledge and understanding of the natural world, ultimately aiding me in taking photographs that capture the exhilarating moments of my life.

Contributing to animal conservation is not a means of earning a living, but a lifestyle!